To our dear family & friends,

the time has come. We are just weeks away from welcoming into the world our first child, a son. To say that we are excited would be an understatement, but it's definitely one of the thousands of emotions flowing through us right now! More than anything, we can't wait to meet this little man who will forever change us for the better.

Some of you have asked how to participate in the arrival of Baby Grasso. Since we live in Italy we figured that an online registry would be the simplest gift-giving option for everyone. Instead of choosing a specific product, you can contribute to one of the items we'll need once Baby Grasso arrives. We will take care of the searching, shopping, and purchasing here in Milan.

Once we've welcomed our sweet boy into the world and have set up the nursery, thanks to your help, we'll send you photos of how your gifts are being used by our little guy.

Thank you for your thoughtful generosity, love & kindness!

Big hugs,

Bruno, Heather & "Peanut" aka Baby Boy Grasso

The Beauty Within
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